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Cheap Paternity Test

If you are concerned about a paternity issue but do not have a lot of cash at hand, there are ways to find and take a cheap paternity test.

First, if you are only interested in the paternity results for personal reasons, the testing process will be quite a bit cheaper than if you are looking for a legally certifiable paternity test. Legal DNA paternity tests are for those that need to use the results in court, and the tests are more expensive since they must involve an unbiased witness to the testing process and be legally notarized.

One of the best ways to find a cheap paternity test is to look at different available options online. There are some companies that will offer paternity testing for under $100, but you need to be careful as many of these low priced paternity tests only include the DNA testing materials and you will have to pay additional fees to get the results. This can easily add an additional $100-$300 to the testing fees.

There are, however, some reliable online companies that offer cheap paternity test options. These companies tend to be the larger testing supply companies that are able to keep their overhead costs low because of the large amount of tests they process each day. You should make sure that the testing company you select is fully certified, offers a quick turn around for testing results, and does not have any additional hidden fees that you will have to pay down the road.

By following these tips you should be able to get a cheap paternity test online that has accurate, confidential results. If you need a paternity test that is certifiable for courts, you can read more about getting a court ordered paternity test and legal DNA paternity testing in other articles posted here at the Legal DNA Paternity Testing information website.